the FABRIK is a game development studio for the Nintendo DSi, PSPgo, iPhone & iPod touch and more. We make challenging, retro styled games with great replay value.

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A game by the FABRIK will always have that need for practice, eventually turning an apparent impossible effort into a satisfying accomplishment.

Retro Look & Feel

A game by the FABRIK strongly refers to the old days of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. We believe that a game is about gameplay. A well done 2D game is far more enjoyable than a choppy, 3D game with no gameplay. Retro games have this nostalgic feel to them with a lot of personality, something a lot of todays' games lack.

Great Replay Value

A game by the FABRIK is about growing, learning, repeating and turning that seemingly unfeasible level into a perfect score, showing off your highscore to the rest of the world, being proud of that heavily fought for feeling of accomplishment.

Made for Modern Devices

A game by the FABRIK still knows it exists in the new millennium. Devices like the Nintendo DSi, PSPgo and the iPhone & iPod touch create a multitude of possibilities which weren't thinkable in the old days. The combination of this retro gameplay with modern technology opens up a whole new world of gaming.

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