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Last weekend, the CurrentGamer did a review on Lunarcy. And we must say, a pretty good one indeed.

"It was not long before Lunarcy had completely won me over with its slick retro-modern aesthetic, its charming electronic music, and its maddeningly challenging gameplay."

"The art in Lunarcy is very retro-modern, and anyone who grew up playing Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Atari will especially appreciate the art style. While a definite throwback to the gaming days of yesterday, the visuals are at the same time sharp, bright and run with a smooth frame-rate giving a very nice modern touch to the classic art style. The music is also very well done, and has a sort of and electronic retro-scifi sound to it."

2009, October 12th 03:44 am PT | Posted by Karim Maassen

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