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Lunarcy has been updated to 1.1.

This version has several new features:

A Beginner Class Everything is slowed down a bit so Lunarcy wont be incredibly hard for some of the gamers out there. This goes for both the classic game mode as the new one described below.

A New Game Mode: Time Trial This new game mode is all about speed. Yes, you can still crash and fuel is still burned. But its irrelevant. The goal of this game mode is to complete a mission as quickly as possible.

Online Leaderboard To compete with others around the globe, Lunarcy 1.1 will see an in-house developed Online Leaderboard.

And a lot of cool new visual tweaks.

Also, Lunarcy is now 99 cents!

2009, November 19th 06:44 am PT | Posted by Karim Maassen

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